About Us

Our style is unabashedly Southern. Where else can you get fried green tomatoes with your rare sauteed tuna belly and mango salsa. Good Southern cooking is on par with French and Italian bourgeoise cuisine and our goal is to meet that expectation.

Our Staff

Hand Prepared Food

The menu utilizes local food. All of the menu is fresh, including dressings, sauces and spice mixes. Everything is hand prepared. All of the fish are regional. The two farm raised fish, tilapia and catfish, are US or Central American. Shrimp and oysters are from the Gulf and the beef is Angus.

The staff, led by owner-operators David and Linda Gilchrist, are all experienced and affable providing well prepared, fresh food quickly and properly. Linda is in charge of the service and bar. She has owned service establishments since 1987 and knows the importance of customer satisfaction. David runs the kitchen. His background is management, organic gardening and 12 years of chef experience.

Best wishes,
David and Linda Gilchrist

The Pier is located at the corner of 6th and Taylor Street (Hwy 16E), a downtown location with private parking. The building is in the Downtown Historic Redevelopment District. It possesses the character and charm of a bygone era while affording the comfort of a modern structure. The 20 foot ceilings of exposed 12 inch planks, brick walls and pinewood floors are as comforting as the decor. The ambiance, food and service are upscale without the pretense and cost. The restaurant is comfortable and welcoming.